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Welcome to the One Whole Health Brain Chemistry Assessment!

Ever wondered if you can feel BETTER than you do or if having a successful business, career, family, relationship or purpose driven life has to be so hard? Here's the missing link.

It's a missing link, not because its a magic secret, but because you may never have heard of neurotransmitter deficiency and yet it's the cause of an estimated 80% of people struggling to feel joyful and fulfilled with their life. Brain Chemistry Depletion starts in your head, but its NOT your imagination!

Your Brain Chemistry Depletion can feel like a lack of will power or positive thinking, but it's actually a physical function that can get "out of shape" just like a muscle. We'll help you get your brain back in shape so it can help you live the life of your dreams. This assessment will is self scoring-the higher the number you assign each symptom, the more out of shape that brain chemical is.

When competing this assessment, please rate how often or how intensely you experience each symptom where 1= slightly or not at all and 10=intense and often and be honest! Don't be concerned if you assign a 10 for multiple symptoms as it is common to be depleted in more than one brain chemical at a time. The good news is that all depletion can be repaired simultaneously. Feeding your brain the right nutrients can free you from anxiety, emotional eating, depression, low energy, sleep issues, poor focus, brain fog, digestive issues, addictions, overwhelm, burn out and other effects of neurotransmitter deficiency that keep you from fully enjoying life. You'll help your brain help YOU be happy, healthy, confident, successful and satisfied.

This is a Self Assessment: Any score above a 3 indicates Brain Chemistry Depletion that can be restores with the right foundational and targeted nutrition.

We thank you for taking time to complete this assessment but not as much as your brain will! Please feel free to contact us at

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